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quinta-feira, 30 de abril de 2009

Help stop our greed

Unite for Hunger and Hope is asking for our help: "All you have to do to help end world hunger is to join thousands of others bloggers on April 29 and write a post about world hunger"...so I say, click on this link and join:
(A Unite for Hunger and Hope pede a tua ajuda para travar a fome mundial, junta-te a esta causa clicando no link que forneço)


I could say something little or could say much, but honestly what for? Would it change something? Would it be heared? NO! So, how can I say something about this....simple....show what's in my soul.....

"Forgive me For..." is a pastel painting that represents Christ (yes its Him) asking for forgiveness to Hungered, but both still fighting for Hope....

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